Friday, October 20, 2006

To Meat or Not to Meat!?!

One of the hot topics of the day is whether meat (beef, pork, chicken, fish) should be part of a healthy diet or not. Evidence continues to stack up that the more animal products that we can remove from our diet, the better our overall health will become. But weren’t animals put on this earth to feed us? Perhaps, but perhaps not in the form that we eat them today. Howard Lyman, 4th generation cattle rancher from Montana, author of the book “Mad Cowboy”, describes how the feeding and care of livestock has adulterated our food supply. He describes (in great detail) in his book, how the parts of the animal that you would never think of as “food” are processed and fed BACK to the livestock. This includes their entrails, horns, brains, straw bedding, as well as animals that were put down as sick or diseased. Don’t forget all the antibiotics and growth hormones that they pump into animals now too.

Gives new meaning to, “You are what you eat”.

I think I’d rather be a carrot!

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Healthy Mom said...

I read the book "Mad Cowboy" and I couldn't believe what I read. It's hard to believe what all is put into livestock feed. I just heard the other day that the same type of gargage is put in dog food! I have also read that it's put into commercial fish food (for catfish, trout, etc) so if you eat any kind of domestic or commercially raised meat, you're getting all the junk, plus the antibiotics and growth hormones, unless you stick with organically raised.

P.S. I highly recommend the book!