Sunday, October 15, 2006

No Looking Back!

Once we started making drastic changes in our diet, everything in our diets became negotiable. I read the book, The China Project by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Christine Cox - and what an eye-opener that was. There is never a point where the health gains are not worth the change in removing animal products from our diet. Let me re-state...There is never a point of diminishing return when it comes to switching from animal products and processed foods to whole, plant-based foods. We were hooked. I started experimenting with new fruits, vegetables and meat alternatives. My goal is not to convince anyone that non-processed, plant based foods are better for health than animal products, processed foods and the traditional American diet. (There are enough books and information on this. For recommendations click here ) My goal is to help those who are motivated to make changes be successful in implementing them - and have fun along the way. Eating healthy shouldn't be stressful, ill-tasting or boring.

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