Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rick's Corner

Month after month, I watch as Nancy writes the content for the web site and newsletter (I actually publish it - I'm her Webmaster, {and husband, among other things}), so we thought it would be interesting to give my perspective. Comments are often made after a cooking demonstration or entertaining guests about how fortunate I am to be married to someone who prepares such good, healthy food, and I couldn't agree more! I am no slouch in the kitchen, but I can't hold a candle to my wife. I have often told her, "You can never leave me or I'll starve" which is not too far from the truth.

As I talk to people who are looking to change to a healthier diet in order to lose weight, reverse or prevent disease or just because they're tired of poisoning their bodies with the standard American diet, I tell them to start with simple changes and build on them. That's what we did. Don't try to make the jump too fast because it usually won't stick. How many people do you know that have tried and failed to lose weight or eat healthier, only to fail and end up worse off than where they started? Lots of people don't stick with the changes because they don't lose 25 lbs the first month. What if they only lost a measly ½ pound per week, would it be worth it? That comes to about 50 pounds over 2 years! Definitely worth it! Point being, this is a lifelong journey and it's worth doing it right. I would strongly advise those of you who are new to use this site to learn the basics, start with some easy recipes and build on them. I think you'll be amazed at the changes you will see!

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