Saturday, May 03, 2008

The value of persistence and repetition!

Last night we had our Pasta Fagioli that I made the day before. Some soups just really taste better when they sit for a day. I recently changed the recipe on the website to include directions for what I do when I am using my pressure cooker. It also makes enough for several meals. Remember, cook once, eat twice! I had planned on having a nice salad on the side but I had also just cut up a delicious cantaloupe. Yes, Florida Cantaloupes are just coming on the market and we are gorging ourselves on them. Right now, they are dropping in price and increasing in taste. There’s just something about getting a lope from the fields only 2 hours away, versus getting one from a country half a world away! You might not be near Florida but as the warmer weather spreads through the country, the fruits and vegetables make their march too. Soon, we will be enjoying Georgia fruits and veggies, and eventually by the end of the season, we will be munching our way through New Jersey produce. We always try to really enjoy and overly indulge in the fruits and veggies that are more local – somehow they just taste better. We also try to stock up and freeze what we can while the prices are lower. Frozen cantaloupes taste great in smoothies and as the price drops, we will be busy slicing and freezing. The funny thing is last night I served my darling daughter cantaloupe instead of a salad and she was rather disappointed – and I was rather surprised! It was just a few months ago that she would rather eat just about anything than a tossed salad. Then I discovered two things – the beauty of a chopped salad and how important it is to serve a dish MANY times before I expect the children to like it. Now, she likes salads. I guess I am never too old to learn the value of persistence and repetition!

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