Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hot fresh pears - campfire dessert!

Camping and outdoor living are one of the things we like best. Sometimes our eating habits suffer when our routines are changed or we feel we are on vacation. They don’t have to though. This week we’ve managed to be fairly creative with our menu while still enjoying the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. We have had our share of roasted marshmallows, but they weren’t the only sweet and hot desert item on our camping menu. I had brought along some nice pears to enjoy – ripe and sweet right off the core. However, the weather turned pretty chilly and I was really craving a nice hot dessert. Pears! All I did was chop the pears, with the skins on, and slightly cook them with a tiny bit of Earth Balance and a little brown sugar. We were all hooked! Sweet and warm and just what we needed around the campfire on a cold evening. Oftentimes I have overpacked for camping trips and not allowed my imagination and creativity to run wild with the foods I did bring. I’m still learning – and enjoying the process. Sometimes my creativity results in a miss and sometimes it results in a glorious hit. Basic foods with a minimum of preparation always seem to taste the best – even if you aren’t enjoying them out of doors.

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