Friday, July 13, 2007

Easy and healthy recipes - without expensive cookbooks!

Why do so many people make eating healthy so much work? I checked out a few new cookbooks from the library and sat down to peruse them. I was pretty disappointed by what I saw – a lot of work and a lot of special ingredients that not only do I not have in my house, I can’t even pronounce them. It didn’t take long to sort through the books and decide that there weren’t many items in them that I would be enjoying! Often times I do better taking simple, unhealthy recipes and modifying them for health. Soy milk, soy cheese and/or tofu work just as well as cholesterol laden animal products. Water sautéing works better than sautéing in oil – without having to be concerned about overheating the oil and making it rancid. Soy curls, TVP, seitain, mushrooms, tofu or Tempeh are fine substitutes for animal meats. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Take your old favorite recipes, make some minor modifications and you’re left with a wonderful new dish. But perhaps that doesn’t sell cookbooks as well as complicated and exotic recipes do.

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